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On the influence of storm parameters on extreme surge events at the Dutch coast

Berg, N.J. (2013) On the influence of storm parameters on extreme surge events at the Dutch coast.

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Abstract:A storm surge is the rise in water level due to a storm. Storm surges are a threat for low-lying areas near coasts. In the Netherlands, storm surges are input for design conditions of coastal protection. The allowed change of failure per year is incorporated into Dutch law. For the densely-populated Randstad region, represented by a measurement station by Hoek van Holland, this chance is 1 · 10−4 year−1 . Associated water levels are determined by extrapolation of measurements because data for extreme conditions are not available. This method entails large uncertainties. A result of the currently used approach is lack of insight into the coupling between the storm and the storm surge. In addition, little is known about the duration and course of extreme surges. These data are important for dune and dike design. The time that the water level remains at about the maximum surge level is the most determinative factor for the amount of dune erosion in the entire development of the water level during the storm surge. A quick decline of the water level can result in dike failure, for example by piping, failure of revetments on the top layer due to overpressure and sliding of the outer slope. This thesis focuses on the properties of storms causing extreme surges at Hoek van Holland, by modeling surges with an idealized coupled meteorological-hydrodynamical model. Six storm characteristics (storm parameters) are used as model input. The meteorological part of the model is an analytical parametrical model, based on the Holland model. The hydrodynamical model is forced by the meteorological model and numerically solves the non-linear depth-averaged shallow water equations in a one-dimensional domain. The model domain is a one-dimensional transect from the edge of the continental shelf between Scotland and Norway to Hoek van Holland. Output is given in water levels at Hoek van Holland.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Royal HaskoningDHV, the Netherlands
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:56 civil engineering
Programme:Civil Engineering and Management MSc (60026)
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