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(B)logging in the Consumer’s Mind: how Narrative Fluency Boosts the Power of Persuasion in Blog Marketing

Jägersberg, Knut (2013) (B)logging in the Consumer’s Mind: how Narrative Fluency Boosts the Power of Persuasion in Blog Marketing.

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Abstract:Narrative fluency, as the ease with which a narrative is understood, is suggested to have a positive influence on how effective blog marketing can brand a product (a smartphone). That positive influence is suggested to be mediated by how fluently and (in consequence of that) how extensively the reader imagines the blog. The extent of imagery is suggested to increase by this causal chain up to levels where absorption with the blog’s content sets in. Participants were randomly assigned to read a review blog (a product test experience with low narrative fluency) or a personal blog (a product-related personal episode with high narrative fluency), both blogs implied the same favorable brand image of the product. Participants completed a questionnaire after reading the blog, assessing narrative fluency, blog branding of the favorable brand image, imagery fluency, product imagery and narrative absorption. It is found, that blogs with high narrative fluency are more effectively branding a favorable brand image than blogs with low narrative fluency. Additionally, it is found, that that relationship is positively mediated by increased narrative absorption. Third, it is found that blogs with high narrative fluency are more effective in branding brand attitudes and beliefs about symbolic benefits then blogs with low narrative fluency. It is concluded, that differential branding effects depend on the level of narrative fluency, partially due to the suggested mediation of the narrative fluency - blog branding relationship by narrative absorption. The found correlations are in accordance with the central, multiple beneficial role narrative fluency plays in blog branding. Significant positive correlations are found between self-reported narrative fluency and imagery fluency, between imagery fluency and extent of imagery and between extent of imagery and narrative absorption. In conclusion, the importance of narrative fluency for successful blog marketing interventions is highlighted and ways to improve blog marketing management accordingly are suggested.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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