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HR Executives’ perception of academic research

Hülsmann, L. (2013) HR Executives’ perception of academic research.

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Abstract:One of the goals of academic research is to contribute to managerial practice. Within the context of Human Resource Management, HR executives belong to the reading audience of scholar publications. This research builds on the study, undertaken fifteen years ago by Terpstra and Rozell (1998), who investigated perceptions of HR executives about scientific research, and found that perceived accessibility and relevance of scientific information, as well as overall skepticism scored low, where accessibility was perceived most negative. Since then, an enormous amount of new topics and discussions emerged within the HR academic literature and technological developments enhanced information and knowledge exchange. Given latest HRM developments, modernization of the workforce management and improved information exchange, this research is inspired by the assumption that nowadays perceptions of HR executives about academic research differ from the ones fifteen years ago. By means of 10 in-depth interviews with HR executives, we found that accessibility is perceived high as scientific HR information can be obtained easily, especially through the internet support. HR executives perceive scientific information useful if it is practically relevant, timely, understandable and presented in an appropriate amount. It was found that scientific publications are perceived not only useful but actually useable if they add value through practical examples or guidelines for implementation, and if authors of publications or institutions are highly reputable. Skepticism is found to be mainly low, indicating willingness of HR practitioners to undertake effort to apply academic findings. Consequently, if HR scholars want their academic research to be read, valued and applied by HR practitioners, we advise them to focus on providing practically relevant, timely information that is understandable, appropriately presented, includes practical examples and guidelines, and addresses reputation issues, so that expectations of a broader audience are met.
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Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Business Administration BSc (56834)
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