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Aston Martin DB6 shooting brake ontwerp

Swart, Lotte (2013) Aston Martin DB6 shooting brake ontwerp.

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Abstract:This report describes the process of my bachelor thesis. The assignment is; designing an Aston Martin DB6 shooting brake. This assignment is given by the classic car restoration company, Noble House, in Almere. This company is part of the Aston Martin heritage workshops. This means that Noble House has been appointed by Aston Martin to take care of the classic cars of Aston Martin. Noble House takes care of their projects with great precision and passion. Noble House is ready for a next step and wants to design their own shooting brake. Besides that there is a customer, who asked Noble House for an Aston DB6 shooting brake. In this bachelor thesis the exterior and interior will be designed up to a level that clearly shows the functionalities and the shape of the design to potential customers. In addition, a car showproposal will be made, which presents the design to introduce the shooting brake at Techno-Classica, the classic car show in Essen. The report is divided into four sections; research, exterior design, interior design and carshow-proposal. Research In the research section the necessary knowledge is collected before the design of the exterior and interior can start. The following topics are examined: - The brand Aston Martin - The style characteristics of an Aston Martin DB6 - What is a shooting brake - The Techno-Classica show - Requirements of Noble House - Requirements of the customer These studies show a few important characteristics to which the design must meet. From the characteristics of the Aston Martin brand, it can be concluded that the two side vents, the shape of the grill, the double tank caps and the line of the side windows are very typical for Aston Martin. Recognizable for the Aston Martin DB6 of 1965 are the Kamm tail, the extended wheelbase and the side window line. These elements will be very important in the design of the exterior. By retaining some of these elements, the shooting brake will be recognizable as an Astin Martin. When we take a look at the interior of the Aston Martin DB6, there are some materials that are frequently used for the upholstery of the car; leather, vinyl and carpet. For various other elements in the car, laminated wood and chrome, are used. The shape of the dashboard, and the instruments are recognizable for the DB series. From the study can also be concluded that a shooting brake is a two-door station wagon. The design must have two side doors and a tailgate. Besides that the roof line needs to be raised and a D-pillar will be added. Due to the added D-pillar, an extra side window is needed. The requirements of both the customer and Noble House are listed. The customer has made a request at Noble House for a shooting brake. He wants a luxurious, classic and practical design of the car. The customer has a number of specific requirements, which are listed in the program of requirements. Noble House wants to attract potential customers by introducing the design on Techno-Classica. For Noble House it is very important that the design is realizable and balanced. The environment of the car show, where the design will be introduced, should also be taken into account. All these conclusions are listed in the program of requirements, which is made at the end of the research section. Based on this, one exterior design will be made for the customer and one exterior design will be made for Noble House. Design exterior To create innovative and interesting designs, the opportunity is given by Noble House to first generate a lot of ideas. Of these ideas, fifteen are further developed and discussed with Noble House. A number of conclusions came out of this discussion. There will be made three different exterior designs, instead of two designs. One design will be for the customer and Noble House will have two exterior designs. The design for the customer will be based on the Radford shooting brake. For Noble House one design will be also based on the Radford shooting brakes, only in this design more adjustments are possible. The other design will be based on ideas from the idea generation. This design will have a lower roofline and an extra line in the roofline at the back of the car. For each design three different concepts are made. This includes the general shape of the body, but also the side windows, the rear window and the tank. To end this concept phase a choice has to be made, this will be done along with Noble House and the program of requirements. The design for the customer will remain in the concept phase, because the customer is holding the project back. The customer has changed his mind about the rear end of the car, he does not want a DB6 rear end, but a DB5 rear end. The three concepts for the customer will be further detailed and adapted to the DB5 rear end so they can be presented to the customer. For the design of Noble House, which is based on the Radford shooting brakes, is chosen for a more declining roofline and a curved rear window. Noble House has also changed his mind about the rear end and wants for this design a DB5 rear end. For the other design of Noble House a design has been chosen which is realizable and commercially. The requirements for this design remain the same. Before the designs can be further developed a number of technical components need to be developed. These may have influence on the shape of the design. These components have been developed: - Electric door locks - Quarter window - Glass montage - Tank + tank caps The following influences on the design should be taken into account; Some of the space within the doors will be filled with parts for the electric door locks. This is important for the tailgate, in which the space can be used as extra storage. It should also be taken into account that some of the frame rubber will be visible at the rear side window. The D-style will be thicker on the inside so that a motor for the quarter window opening will fit. This will result in an additional button on the dashboard to control this system. A new wiring loom needs to be guided to the rear end of the car and the positioning of the tank caps should be taken into account. The two tanks will fill up the space in the side of the trunk. Now the influences on the design are known, the designs will be further developed and detailed so that they can be presented to potential customers and so that Noble House can estimate the proceedings that need to be carried out. Interior design There has been made a general design for the interior which can be applied in all of the exterior designs. First of all, the shape of the interior had to be determined, this is done by examine the original DB6. There are a number of components in the trunk of the DB6 which need to be included in the interior design, because these components are the foundation of the car. These components are: - The wheel arches - The center console - The sheet metal for the rear axle - The sheet metal for the shock absorber arms - The space for the two tanks There has been made an adjustment in the floor of the trunk, so that there is room for storing tools and the spare wheel. The folding rear seats are also detailed. All this resulted in a basic interior design. The idea phase will build further on this basic interior. A lot of ideas are created in this phase which will be taken to the next phase. Some of these ideas are: usage of materials such as wood and leather; a trunk cover; a dog net and several other luxury features. Because of the many possibilities for the interior design, it is decided to create three profiles for which an interior design will be made. This will display the different possibilities and options for the interior and will inspire the customer. The three profiles which are developed are: - The golfer: a design with a luxurious and comfortable look. - The hunter: a practical design, adapted for traveling with dogs. - The winter sports man: a practical design with a luxurious and warm appearance. Car show-proposal To present the designs to potential customers at the car show in Essen, a proposal will be made for the introduction of the shooting brake. The potential customer and the different possibilities of presenting a design are reviewed. It can be concluded that the presentation objects for the proposal will have to support the design and not distracted the audience. The elegance and minimalism of the car must come back in graphic design. The practical side of the design should be highlighted and the design will be displayed as a work of art. Along with Noble House is decided that the design which is based on the Radford shooting brakes will be shown at the car show and a poster, brochure and a model will be used to display the design. The poster has the characteristic to attract the public’s attention. The design for this poster is simple and elegant. The shooting brake design is shown in a sketch so that the final shape is not entirely clear, it is a teaser for the public. These sketch lines indicated that Noble House has designed the shooting brake itself. The brochure is transformed into a luxurious booklet which potential customers are offered. More information about the project and Noble House is presented in the booklet. There will be a model of the shooting brake design presented. This model draws attention and demonstrates the design as an art object. continuation The two designs for Noble House are now ready for the car show and are likely remain the way they are until the car show. Noble House will work with the customer to continue with his design. The customer will have to make choices in both the exterior and the interior. If the final design is established the front of a DB6 will be scanned so a 3D model can be created in SolidWorks. This will then be milled out of clay, which can be adjusted by hand, and will be scanned in again. Based on this model, molds can be made for in the workshop. The realization of the shooting brake project will start. Meanwhile, all the details of the design have to be developed or purchased, in order for the project to be realized.
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