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Steunkoushulp voor de mantelzorger

Kolkman, Lonneke (2013) Steunkoushulp voor de mantelzorger.

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Abstract:In the project ‘Design for Health Care Professionals’, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Research Centre for Design & Technology cooperates with several SME and organizations in various studies with as common goal answering the question ‘How can the SME or product designer develop new products that closely reflect the needs and wants of caregivers?’ Previous research in this project showed that the donning and doffing of support stockings is a difficult task for caregivers. In combination with the increasing volunteer aid, the assignment is stated to design an aid that makes the donning and doffing of support stockings easier for caregivers. Information gathered through desk research, interviews and testing aids for donning and doffing support stockings gave a clear insight in the problems involved in donning and doffing support stockings by caregivers. This research is described in chapter 2. With the information gained, a program of requirements for a new aid design is formulated. This is described in chapter 3. Different ideas have been develop for aids to facilitate in donning and doffing support stockings. These ideas are broadly divided into several categories, namely “stretching”, “grip”, “roll”, “pulling instead of pushing” and “other”. The ideas are evaluated on the basis of simple prototypes and the program of requirements. Based on this evaluation, one category of ideas is chosen to elaborate further. The idea generation is presented in chapter 4. Within the chosen category of ideas partial solutions to earlier found problems are conceived and several variations of aids are designed. This is presented in chapter 5. The concept variant that appeared to be the best was further elaborated to the final concept which is the result of this assignment. A prototype has been made of the final concept. The final concept and prototype are described in chapter 6 and 7. The final concept is a combination of two designs of the concept generation stage. It consists of a tube of smooth fabric with in one edge a ring which can roll and can vary in diameter. The stocking can be folded over this ring with fabric. Then the stocking can unroll over the leg. The designed aid can facilitate in donning and doffing support stockings because the stocking unrolls over the leg and the caregiver has more grip on the stocking. Pulling the stocking is not needed anymore, therefore the durability of the support stocking improves. For a better assessment of the design a test should be performed with the prototype and the target group.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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