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Sustainable business in Curacao

Veltkamp, S.G. (2012) Sustainable business in Curacao.

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Abstract:Corporate Sustainability (CS) is a part of society which covers the responsibility of businesses towards a sustainable future. Together with other societal change, it is an essential part in improving a changing society. The Curaçao Business Platform for Sustainable Development aims to propagate CS within the Curaçao business community. Scaling the current situation of CS in medium sized businesses within Curaçao is an important part in being able to address businesses of this size, wherein this study provides more information on the current state of CS. A sample survey of 45 medium‐sized businesses was conducted. Personal interviews were the means of obtaining specific company knowledge on CS. The results from these businesses were combined to get a general picture of CS within the Curaçao business community. This study finds that businesses in Curaçao are both unaware and interested in becoming more sustainable. Special interest can be found in energy saving measures which can be, from the perspective of the BPM, a good entrance in companies to implement a first company vision and policy on sustainability. Companies tend to overestimate their own sustainability with respect to the measures they have introduced in their business. All information combined led to pre‐CS being the general sustainable level of medium sized Curaçao businesses, which is second on a scale of 1‐6 levels and thus not sustainable with little future perspective without radical change in general perception of sustainability. There is not much interest and almost no policy implemented on sustainability in businesses. This study recommends that the BPM finds eco‐citizens within the companies of interest and starts with knowledge transfer on cost reduction measures in order to get a foothold in company policies on CS. This can then provide a base for further advancement to improve sustainability
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
Aqualectra, Willemstad
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:56 civil engineering
Programme:Civil Engineering and Management MSc (60026)
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