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Meubel voor productpresentatie voor het bedrijf Schuh Merkel

Schmalzbauer, Julia (2013) Meubel voor productpresentatie voor het bedrijf Schuh Merkel.

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Abstract:This report is a bachelor assignment by the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at the University of Twente. The subject is: Design for a new piece of furniture for the presentation of shoes for the trademark Hartjes. The assignment is written at the family company Schuh Merkel in Germany which produces moccasins only and sells them and shoes from other trademarks at their own factory. The design of this new piece of furniture will be convenient to the style of both companies and will be placed at the show room of Schuh Merkel. By describing both companies the style itself and how it will be integrated in the furniture will be found out. By having a look at the present-day’s furniture problems like the flexibility, the adaptability of the difficult dimensions of a shoebox and the presentation of a specific number of shoes can be found out. An analysis will clarify how to improve them. The users of the piece of furniture will be customers, staff members of Schuh Merkel and Hartjes. To satisfy and improve the wishes of the users a use study will be arranged. Furthermore the piece of furniture should not be bigger than fixed dimensions given by Schuh Merkel. After the idea phase three concepts will be generated which are different in their specific styling and their usability. For example the usage of light will be different in each concept. Concept three consists of two identical pieces of furniture. Metal bars are used instead of vertical wooden boards. It is the least suitable concept to work out, because placing the shoe boxes is not user-friendly. Concept one is too big and the rail system will be too expensive which is why it will be abandoned. By using the evaluation of the customer Schuh Merkel and the list of requirements concept two is chosen as principle design. Concept two consists of multiple modules which can be placed flexibly. The final design will be a combination of the preceding three concepts after whose elaboration a SolidWorks model will be developed. Renders and a plastic model (scale 1:4) visualize the design. An estimate of costs will be done by the carpenter for diverse parts. A conclusion and recommendations will be done after finishing all steps. The aim of this assignment is achieved. Together with the carpenter details for the production must be worked out. The final design will be presented to Hartjes.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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