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Interaction between gloves and ball surfaces in afl and rugby

Oomen, Matthijs A. (2012) Interaction between gloves and ball surfaces in afl and rugby.

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Abstract:In Australian Football players are allowed to wear gloves to keep their hand safe. The gloves used are of di�erent types and they are made as sticky as possible, resulting in these players having an advantage over other players when catching a ball. The AFL now wants to know how much the players bene�t and this has resulted in this research in quantifying the advantage when wearing these gloves. Ten di�erent types of gloves have been tested on four di�erent surfaces. Some of the gloves tested have an all silicon palm of the hand, while others are made out of leather or have a thin silicon pattern on a spandex palm. The tests were done by pulling a glove over a surface mounted on a forceplate. This forceplate measures normal and frictional force during the measurement and from that data the coe�cient of friction can be calculated as the fraction of both. To compare the results and to broaden the research, �ve of the gloves were also tested on ten di�erent rugby surfaces ranging from smooth panels to di�erent pimple patterns. Because the gloves show signs of wear quickly, it was decided to also test them in old and new conditions. All these tests lead to the most important conclusion that for AFL a few gloves make a signi�cant di�erence in performance, all being gloves with a majority of silicone in the palm. It is however highly dependent on the hand that is tested, because there were two di�erent hands tested and they both show di�erent behavior. This can of course be explained by the uniqueness of every hand. Gloves are not of signi�cant use when one wants to perform better in rugby, because both hands tested already have a high coe�cient of friction. Another important conclusion to be drawn is that the silicon gloves are performing better in dry conditions and the leather gloves slightly better in the wet.
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Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
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