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CrowdMapp: onderzoek en ontwerp

Wiggers, Ellis (2013) CrowdMapp: onderzoek en ontwerp.

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Abstract:This report discusses the process of my Bachelor assignment. During this assignment a research has been performed to get an impression of the extent of CrowdMapp . Besides, a design is made of the tool. CrowdMapp is a tool that provides an overview of technologies and developments in the form of cards. This allows designers (working in different markets) to come up with new ideas, using a tool that provides them with the required knowledge in a structured and visual way. CrowdMapp is based on the User Interface Design Tool, which only focuses on the mobile market. This assignment is performed by order of ThingKit, a company engaged in the production of creative tools that help developing new technologies and designs. During this bachelor thesis a market research of CrowdMapp is performed in order to get an overview of potential customers. Besides, an overview of the different categories and cards of CrowdMapp and a physical design of CrowdMapp are made and evaluated. The report consists of four parts that discuss these issues; research, development (from original to new format), detailing (physical CrowdMapp) and completion. Research The research describes the market of CrowdMapp. An overview of existing industries is made in order to derive the best targets for Crowdmapp. Subsequently, these industries are assayed to a first draft of CrowdMapp. Interviews with industry representatives are used for the collection of knowledge for cards and categories. With the results a competition analysis has been made. Development: from original to new format. The research findings are used in developing categories and tickets for CrowdMapp. Besides, the initial starting point of the project, the UI Design Tool, and the brand identity fo Crowdmapp are described. Afterwards, the application of the research findings upon the categories and cards is described, along with the adjustments that are made in the UI Design Tool and the first draft of Crowdmapp. From hereon, a set of requirements is composed. A new arrangement of categories and cards is developed. Detailing: Physical CrowdMapp A physical version of CrowdMapp is made, which will be used in workshops and other creative processes. Therefore a first selection of cards is selected and developed alongiwth a canvas (that could serve as both canvas and storage solution), a manual and a map. Crowdmapp sessions or iterations could be written down upon these tools. Completion The functionality of the physical Crowdmapp is assessed by performing two evaluation sessions. From the results, conclusions and recommendations for future research are derived.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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