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Spirit! De betekenis van autobiografische reflectie en spiritualiteit in het hoger onderwijs

Jonker, May-Lin (2013) Spirit! De betekenis van autobiografische reflectie en spiritualiteit in het hoger onderwijs.

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Abstract:Background At the Saxion Enschede was a new minor introduced called Spirit. In this study the minor will be evaluated by making a comparison between the psychological functioning and spirituality of the students who have completed the minor and students who are going to start the minor. This is measured on the basis of well-being, growth motivation, spirituality and depression. Methods This study is both qualitative and quantitative. The students who have followed the minor and the students who want to follow the study have filled out a questionnaire in which the well-being, motivation personal growth, spirituality and depressive symptoms were measured. In total, 37 students have completed the questionnaires and two students had completed the minor have also participated in an interview. The interviews are analyzed by using thematic coding. Results No significant differences were found between the scores of the students who want to follow the study and students who have al already completed the minor on well-being, motivation to personal growth, spirituality and depressive symptoms. The thematic analysis of the interviews show the following themes: Rust, spirituality, personal growth and work. According to the students, the minor made a positive contribution to these aspects of their lives. Conclusion The courses autobiographical writing and spirituality in practice had no significant contribution on spirituality, well-being, motivation to personal growth and depressive symptoms. However, the study also shows that the course has no negative contribution on these factors. The interviews revealed that the students indicate that there was a change that wasn't found by the questionnaires in this study, namely in de field of work and personal growth, rest and spirituality. More research is needed to say something about the size of this contribution.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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