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Evaluatie van de Zorgkaart Nederland: Hoe waarderen consumenten en zorgverleners de zorgkaart (RIVM)

Karagoz, Jasmijn (2013) Evaluatie van de Zorgkaart Nederland: Hoe waarderen consumenten en zorgverleners de zorgkaart (RIVM).

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Abstract:Introduction The website '' is an online website that provides an overview of the health care in the Netherlands. On the website it is also possible to give your opinion, as a consumer, about your health care provider or health care organization. A content analysis of the website should answer the question: How does citizens use the website ZorgkaartNederland and what does this say about the value of the website? The purpose of this study is therefore to obtain insight into the website and by this to improve the quality of health care in the Netherlands Method In the analysis there has been used two types of analyzes: the t-test and the ANOVA. Results The results are showing that out of the total number of statements most statements are positive formulated. The identity ‘Arts als persoon’ is mentioned the most, followed by ‘Overig personeel’. Between the identity’s there are major differences in the ratio positive / negative between the two professions. These large differences also exist between the two locations. There is no question of a normal distribution at the distributions of the various aspects. At the average of the scores for the different aspects, the dentists are assesses higher than GPs. Conclusion en discussion By paying attention to certain aspects in the health care, people would be able to improve the quality of the health care in the Netherlands, in the future. Possible weaknesses regarding the reliability and accuracy of the patient experience is that there is a risk of unreliable or wrong information, manipulation and sabotage. Also, selecting certain aspects inadvertently could cause that caregivers rather focus on these aspects, whereby other aspects aren’t adequately brought to their attention. The availability of such information also can affect the doctor-patient relationship. Strengths in terms of the method are that the data is already present on the site 'ZorgkaartNederland' and that it is freely accessible. Also, both the qualitative and quantitative reviews are easy to download.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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