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Conceptuele interpretatie van de WPAI-GH door gezonde studenten in samenhang met werkgerelateerde factoren

Kling, Laura (2013) Conceptuele interpretatie van de WPAI-GH door gezonde studenten in samenhang met werkgerelateerde factoren.

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Abstract:Goal: This research is tries to figure out how healthy people interpret the Work Productivity and Activity Impairment - General Health (WPAI-GH). In particular, the emphasis lies on how they interpret the reference scale, if there are problems in completing the WPAI-GH, and how they judge the recall period. In order to account for backgroundfactor, the Job Demands-Control model (JDC) from Karasek (1979) is used to find out to what extent the dimensions play a role in completing the WPAI-GH. Method: To investigate this with a qualitative method, cognitive debriefing was used, in particular the Three-Step Test-Interview method of Hak (2008). There were eight face-to-face semi-structured interviews conducted of students from the University of Twente, which was based on the WPAI-GH. Results: Not having a health problem always resulted in choosing a 0 on the reference scale and a 10 when they would have been that intensively affected by a health problem so they could no longer work nor study. The analysis showed that the students had problems with regard to the term work which some of them interpreted differently and resulted in various combinations of study, paid work and volunteer work. Furthermore, the analysis suggested that besides the last seven days recall period, a longer recall period of three months could be of supplementary value The students named many factors that affect their productivity including personal and environmental factors. Conclusion: Before the WPAI-GH could be administered to a healthy population, the following should be kept in mind. Healthy students interpret 10 on the reference scale as absenteeism. So one would not only measure presenteeism but also absenteeism among students. No concluding statements could been made about the influence of the dimension of the JDC model while completing the WPAI-GH, because only when the students were asked directly about it, they named factors which affect their productivity. On the other hand, this implies that the questions from the WPAI-GH is clearly stated and appears to be reliable. Given the term work seems to be a source of interpretation errors, it is recommended to add. examples of types of work students do (like study, part-time jobs, commissions, etc.) to the question It is recommended to present the question twice, first with the recall period of the last seven day and after that the question with the recall period of last three months. This would give a better perspective on the recall period.
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Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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