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De groepsopdrachten van Op Tijd Voorbereid: De evaluatie van de groepsopdrachten behorende bij Op Tijd Voorbereid

Trum, Nicole (2013) De groepsopdrachten van Op Tijd Voorbereid: De evaluatie van de groepsopdrachten behorende bij Op Tijd Voorbereid.

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Abstract:Op Tijd Voorbereid (Prepared on time) is an preventive intervention which is developed for pupils in the last class of the primary school. The purpose of Op Tijd Voorbereid is postponing the use of alcohol until the age of 18 and prevention of smoking. The intervention includes an e-learning in an individual programm, and a classical part in a group programm. Op Tijd Voorbereid is based on the ASE-model, including the components attitude, social influence and self-efficacy. In this research, the group assignments were evaluated. The respondents of this research were six teachers and twenty pupils of primary schools which implemented Op Tijd Voorbereid in school year 2012-2013. Qualitative interviews were taken. The results of this research indicated that most of the group assignments were performed and evaluated positive. The standard assignments ‘breinweg’ and ‘be cool’ were the most implemented group assignments. ‘Verhalend ontwerpen’ and ‘uitnodiging ouders en kunstwerk’ were the least implemented group assignment and the judgement of these group assignments was the most negative. The group assignments were linked to the purposes of the primary schools and Tactus, excluding ‘verhalend ontwerpen’ and ‘uitnodiging ouders en kunstwerk’. Beside that it appeared that the group assignments were also connected to the core tasks of the primary schools. The group assignments all included components of the ASE-model, excluding ‘uitnodiging ouders en kunstwerk’. For Tactus, the recommendation is to shorten the introduction of every single group assignment and it is desirable to make a (small) adjustment for almost every group assignment. An example is adding multiple-choice questions to ‘breinweg’ and representing the image belonging to ‘gewoonte en verslaving’ in color. For future research it is recommended to evaluate if group assignments will be implemented more as a consequence of the changes.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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