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Het ontwerpen van een concept dat Lang zult u wonen zichtbaar maakt in bouwmarkten

Schraa, Jessica (2013) Het ontwerpen van een concept dat Lang zult u wonen zichtbaar maakt in bouwmarkten.

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Abstract:This bachelor assignment has been executed for Lang zult u wonen. Lang zult u wonen is a campaign in the region Overijssel. The campaign was started to point out that adjusting houses of elderly inhabitants is necessary. By doing so, the elderly inhabitants make sure they are able to live there for many more years. Part of the campaign is to be visible in D.I.Y.shops. This way, people who are already renovating their house can be approached. Also, people who are going to adjust their house for the future, are able to find suitable products. A characteristic of the campaign is the focus on living and comfort, instead of a focus on care. When thinking of adjusting their home, the target group often thinks of grips and stairlifts. Due to this thinking, adjusting their home does not appeal to them. Lang zult u wonen wants to change this image and tries to point out the benefits, like comfort and safety. There are many different D.I.Y.shops, who vary in size. For this assignment, soft franchise D.I.Y.shops like Multimate are approached. Design is started, after talking to several owners of D.I.Y.shops. The owners state that they are willing to make a space available of 3x3m. A bathroom will be created, because it fits the area and it contains several adaptations. There is information about the campaign and a test to check your house on the outside of the bathroomwalls. This test makes sure that people look at their own situation. This way, they will find out that there are adaptations they can make. Because of the variety in D.I.Y.shops one design would not be enough. To make the design more suitable for more D.I.Y.shops, the ‘wall-design’ is created. This design is wider, but less deep and it can be placed against a wall. Still, both designs are too big and not suitable for small D.I.Y.shops, because they often have no showroom and they have little sanitary products in range. This is why a new design is made: a part of a shelf in the shop is equiped with products that fit the campaign. This design does not meet all requirements from the program, but this is not possible at such a small area. It does respond well to the possibilities in a small and to the problems experienced when using the big design. Finally, there are wobblers and floor stickers designed to draw attention to the campaign and the showroom.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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