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Ontwerp van een user interface voor een Paperless Documentation System.

Straalen, Dennis van (2013) Ontwerp van een user interface voor een Paperless Documentation System.

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Abstract:The NLR is developing a new Paperless Documentation System (PDS). The user interface for the PDS has been redesigned and realized. To make the PDS a success, a good user interface is crucial. To achieve this, research has been performed to get to know the preferences and requirements of the users, use cases, the corporate identity of the NLR and general guidelines for web interfaces. In order to fit the user interface to the system, the system operation has been mapped. With the use of sketches and digital images, a user interface design is developed that meets the requirements. Using CSS and Xhtml, the design is developed to a working prototype. During the assignment there was a close cooperation with the developers of the system. Through research in the underlying system and contribution to the development of it, a user interface is developed that fits well into the system. Although the user interface and the system are not yet fully developed, the final product is a working system that can go into test phase. Because the pilot took place at the end of the assignment not all problems that were pointed out could be solved. A number of problems must be resolved before the system can be put into use, others can be examined during the use of the system. During a period of four months, a complete new look of the user interface was developed. The new user interface realizes an efficient workflow. Through the new system, the approvements of the work instructions will run more efficiently. In addition, the user interface now suits the professional image of the NLR.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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