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Vrijwilligerswerk: Redenen en ervaringen van niet-vrijwilligers èn vrijwilligers.

Weustink, Nick (2013) Vrijwilligerswerk: Redenen en ervaringen van niet-vrijwilligers èn vrijwilligers.

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Abstract:Since voluntary work is of great importance for numerous organizations and agencies, it’s also of great importance to understand the concept that is voluntary work. The goal of this research to get a better understanding of this concept. This has been done by, making comparisons between none-volunteers and volunteers, on five different constructs. The five concerning constructs are: ‘values’, ‘career’, ‘support’, ‘risk’ and ‘stress’. There were 34 none-volunteers and 69 volunteers that took part in this research. The none-volunteers were recruited by snowball sampling through Facebook and the volunteers were recruited by more respondent driven sampling, they were contacted through a personal mail and Twitter. The group volunteers could also be subdivided into four groups: ‘sports’, ‘caregivers’, ‘firefighters’ and ‘others’. This way it was possible, not only to compare none-volunteers and volunteers, but also to compare the subgroups. Between the none-volunteers and volunteers significant differences have been found on the constructs ‘career’ and ‘support’. Volunteers think career is more important than nine-volunteers. Between the subgroups differences have been found between ‘sports’ and ‘caregivers’ on the constructs ‘values’ en ‘stress’. Looking at the subgroups, sports volunteers scored lower than the groups ‘caregivers’ and ‘others’ on ‘values’. ‘Values’ seem to be more important for the groups ‘caregivers’ and ‘others’ than for the group ‘sports’. Sports volunteers think voluntary work is more stressing than caregivers think it is. The concept ‘volunteer’ is a difficult one. It consists of a diverse group of people. Between the four different kinds of volunteers in this research multiple differences have been found. It’s possible that the amount of differences will increase when the number of voluntary work types increase.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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