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Een project voor eerstejaarsstudenten aan de lerarenopleiding Frans om zelfstandig en ICT-ondersteund luisterstrategieën te ontwikkelen

Pinxteren, Veerle van (2013) Een project voor eerstejaarsstudenten aan de lerarenopleiding Frans om zelfstandig en ICT-ondersteund luisterstrategieën te ontwikkelen.

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Abstract:The faculty of Education of the HAN University of Applied Sciences has developed the business plan 'Centre of Expertise Learning with ICT'. One of the main goals of this Centre of Expertise is to implement ICT as a tool to better account for differences between students. The lectureship Learning with ICT is part of this faculty and its main goal is to investigate and support the use of ICT in education. This research is connected to the lectureship and has focused on students of the French department (teacher training) since it has been found that here the use of ICT to better account for differences between students is not yet used to its full potential. Especially with language skills this is seen as a problem. Listening skills are a part of language skills and are important for language acquisition. However, little time is made available in the curriculum for students to improve their listening skills. Thus, students mainly have to develop their listening skills by themselves outside of class hours. The goal of this research was to gain more insight in the manner in which students improve their listening skills outside of class hours and how this can be further supported. Therefore an intervention was developed, the assignment 'Project Compréhension orale'. In this assignment students work autonomously on developing their listening comprehension by selecting and listening to listening fragments and by keeping a listening journal. Questions in the listening journal aim to develop metacognitive listening strategies. By means of two formative evaluations, the validity and practicality of the design were improved. The design was tested on (expected) effectiveness through a try-out with students from the first year of the French teacher training program (N=11). To determine the differences in motivation, the way students spend their time on listening outside of class hours, the use of listening strategies and the learning outcomes, a questionnaire was given to the participants pre and post treatment. Five students were interviewed and all students were asked to fill out a learner report to better understand their learning experiences. The aim of the interviews was to gain more information and insight to answer the sub questions of this research, in addition to the information from the questionnaires. The learner report aimed at gaining insight into the learning experiences of the students, i.e. what they thought they had learned from the Project compréhension orale. The results suggest that there is a general increase in the time spend on listening, use of listening strategies, motivation and learning outcomes. By this, the research suggests that the design is effective. However, due to the small number of participants, no generalisations can be made. Therefore it would be interesting to conduct this research on a larger scale. Finally, recommendations are made for the further development of the design.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:81 education, teaching
Programme:Educational Science and Technology MSc (60023)
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