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Team spirit: Het effect van het Team op Readiness for change

Tiel, Petra (2013) Team spirit: Het effect van het Team op Readiness for change.

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Abstract:To remain successful in the current economic climate, organizations regularly change their strategy. For instance, to keep up with the competition, a new plan in which future activities are described will be written. The changes can have a big impact on employees of these organizations. Nowadays, these strategic changes occur more frequently, but are certainly not new (Boswell, 2006; Gibcus & Kemp, 2003; Schuler & Jackson, 1987; Truss, 2001). Changes in organizations and the effect of this on employees has been studied in several ways (Armenakis, et al., 1993; Eby, et al., 2000; Holt, et al., 2007; Schuler & Jackson, 1987) and will be studied in this thesis. The focus of this thesis is on Readiness for change (the will to change) and in particular the aspects that influence the extent to which employees are ready for organizational changes. The link between readiness for change and teamwork will also be studied; previous research included teams within organizations, but the link to changes within organizations remains to be elucidated. According to Shelton et al. (2010) teams can enlarge efficiency and effectivitiy in the area of processes, innovation and problem solving. The results described in this thesis are based on a study conducted at two organizations in the Netherlands, soon to be changing (part of) their strategy. Through a questionnaire, built from scales of which the reliability and validity is stated in research literature, the study examines the cohesion between individual and team features and readiness for change. The choice of features is based on a literature study conducted prior to the data collection.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Educational Science and Technology MSc (60023)
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