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The effect of mergers and acquisitions on voluntary turnover

Veen, Nick van 't (2013) The effect of mergers and acquisitions on voluntary turnover.

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Abstract:Mergers and acquisitions have become more popular through the last decades. However, financially they are not always successful. A reason might be that employees leave the organization. This has been studied in this thesis. Mergers and acquisitions generate several reactions by employees. These reactions are various factors which can influence voluntary turnover. With the help of theory, hypotheses have been constructed to study how mergers and acquisitions affect voluntary turnover. The hypotheses are being tested while using the statistic program STATA. Data were obtained via the Workplace Employment Relations Study (WERS2004). It is a survey conducted in Great Britain, where several topics were studied. Correlation analysis, regression analysis and mediating tests were conducted. Several sub-hypotheses were confirmed that mergers and acquisitions indeed have an effect on voluntary turnover, depending on the type of merger or acquisition. Job satisfaction and organizational commitment were used as mediators and only mediate the relationship between social support and voluntary turnover within certain groups of mergers and acquisitions. Also, organizational commitment proved to be important within one group of mergers and acquisitions. It is important for the organization dealing with a merger or acquisition to recognize these factors. They are able to alter these factors and retain their employees. There are several recommendations provided for organizations and researchers. Organizations need to be aware of the types of mergers. Once the types of mergers are classified, they can retain their employees. Supervisors need to understand their role in this process. Their role is very important seeing that they can greatly influence several factors. This study provides insight in voluntary turnover after mergers and acquisitions. However, communication can be added as a mediator effect. It might improve satisfaction and organizational commitment. Financial results of the mergers and acquisition and turnover could also be studied. Lastly, the intention to leave should be studied as well, seeing that not every employee leaves, but still might be dissatisfied or not committed.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Business Administration MSc (60644)
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