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Software requirements for municipal engagement

Jong, Rolf de (2013) Software requirements for municipal engagement.

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Abstract:Dutch municipalities nowadays face a number of challenging trends. Firstly, youth care, additional care for disabled residents and stimulating participation by helping disabled individuals in getting a job are becoming municipal concern instead of state or province concerns. Second, the government aims to become more 'customer oriented'. In coping with these changes, municipalities digitalize their front-­‐ and back offices to become more efficient, while municipal partnerships and mergers help smaller municipalities cope with the increased workload. These trends may present opportunities for new stakeholder engagement functionality in Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software. To research this, the following question is central: Research question: "What requirements do municipal project employees have for stakeholder engagement functionality in PPM software?" Six municipal employees involved in project management and communication at six distinct municipalities have been interviewed and the findings have been processing using the framework of requirements engineering. Chapter 4 answers the research question in depth. The key findings are: • The importance of stakeholder engagement for municipal projects is increasing. • Municipalities use communication planning as an increasingly important part of project planning. • Support for existing external communication channels is deemed sufficient in general. There are however unique opportunities for creating new external communication channels using the information that is stored in PPM software, such as an external project website that automatically displays current project information. • Support for basic internal communication and collaboration functions, such as task lists, document management and calendaring, is desired in municipalities of all sizes. Larger municipalities desire proportionally more advanced internal communication and collaboration features, such as Access Control Lists, which allow a project manager to finely set the information access rights of each stakeholder. • Municipal project employees highly value simplicity, intuitiveness and flexibility from stakeholder engagement software functionality; it should allow for easy, step by step deployment, and it should be extensible, so a municipality can extend the functionality as needed. PPM software vendors should consider the above points when developing and marketing stakeholder engagement functionality. Municipalities should consider them when procuring new stakeholder engagement software.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Industrial Engineering and Management BSc (56994)
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