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The road ahead : business roadmapping and how to compensate for uncertainty : the case of the construction company

Siebelink, R. (2013) The road ahead : business roadmapping and how to compensate for uncertainty : the case of the construction company.

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Abstract:Research problem: Ballast Nedam's current innovation process lacks demarcation: all kinds of ideas are worked out without a clear idea whether or not these ideas support the corporate strategy. Therefore, Ballast Nedam wants to develop a business roadmap that enables the company to focus its innovation effort. This business roadmap is the elaboration of a firm's innovation strategy into an easy to communicate graph. As such, prior to developing the business roadmap, a firm needs to embark on an innovation strategy formulation process. Although there is abundant attention to the uncertainty of the future and the need for strategies to cope with it, the business roadmap development process is presented as if the world does not change while the roadmap is being developed and implemented. Since the external environment is not stable, though, this research focuses on the development and application of a business roadmap process for Ballast Nedam that has concern for the external uncertainty while retaining the communicational and directive strengths of a business roadmap. This leads to the following research question: How to develop and apply a business roadmap process for Ballast Nedam with concern for both external uncertainty and the strengths of a business roadmap? Research methodology: For this thesis, both a desk research and a practical research are required. The desk research is used to gain scientific literature insights on the topics of innovation, the innovation strategy formulation process, external uncertainty and business roadmaps. The practical research includes a single case study with Ballast Nedam as the case under consideration. Here, first some points of attention for a successful application of a business roadmap development process within Ballast Nedam are gathered. Combined with the insights gained from scientific literature, a tailor-made business roadmap development process is established for Ballast Nedam. In this research, this process is partially applied with the use of a literature study, documentation study, individual interviews and two participatory workshops. The results of this case study and the discussion of the contribution and limitations of the research, lead to several conclusions and recommendations.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Ballast Nedam, the Netherlands
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:56 civil engineering
Programme:Civil Engineering and Management MSc (60026)
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