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Use Social Media To Your Advantage! The validation of the Social Media Strategy Design framework in the municipality of Enschede

Kersbergen, Reinier (2013) Use Social Media To Your Advantage! The validation of the Social Media Strategy Design framework in the municipality of Enschede.

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Abstract:The goal of this research is to develop a well working social media strategy for the municipality of Enschede, while contributing to the social media literature field. The main research question therefore is: What is an effective approach to create a social media strategy for a municipality, and is this approach applicable to profit-organizations? To answer this question, a literature review is conducted. In the literature review e-government is defined, after which social media, and its place in e-government are discussed. Different social media strategy approaches are identified. After a comparison between two social media strategy frameworks, the SMSD framework of Effing (2012) is selected for this research. The SMSD framework is tested by an action research in the municipality of Enschede. After an external and internal analysis, a strategy is developed. For the internal analysis, multiple experts within in the municipality are interviewed. These interviews showed a lack of social media knowledge outside the concerned department. Therefore, the biggest challenge for the municipality is to get social media integrated throughout the entire organization. The research also showed that social media can, potentially, be very important for a municipality. Social media can lower the barrier between the municipality and the citizens, and ultimately lead to co-creation. During the research, shortcoming of the SMSD framework were identified. Some aspects were missing, such as a content planning and the expectations of the target audience. The framework is revised and a new SMSD 2.0 framework is presented. The SMSD 2.0 framework emphasizes on the process of creating the strategy, as well as the execution. The new SMSD 2.0 framework was tested trough a cross-case analysis. This analysis showed that familiarization of social media goals is the main challenge in getting your organization to a high maturity level. Some signs could indicate that social media is seen as a separate tool for either marketing or communication, instead of an opportunity for the entire organization. Furthermore the cross-case analysis showed that the SMSD 2.0 is a promising tool for every kind of organization.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Business Administration MSc (60644)
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