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Exploring big data visualization for the digital publishing industry : improving insight for publishers using visualizations on imgZine's real time social magazines platform

Wees, B.J. van der (2013) Exploring big data visualization for the digital publishing industry : improving insight for publishers using visualizations on imgZine's real time social magazines platform.

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Abstract:The technology firm imgZine has a platform for creating real time social magazines. The platform is inspired by real time publishing technology like Flipboard, Pulse and Zite have, as well as traditional style magazines on paper. Combing these, imgZine delivers the technology for beautiful digital magazines, that build on Business Intelligence and Analytics technologies like an analytics dashboard for publishers and a recommendation engine for readers. The magazines are continuously filled with the latest media content (real time publishing), in contrast to more static issue-based magazines. Customers are both traditional publishers and enterprise publishers. As for the customers, the magazines vary from respectively journalistic magazines/newspapers to enterprise magazines for internal (e.g. disclosing the intranet) and external use (e.g. promotional). In recent years, publishers have focused on technology in order to gain competitive advantages. Now that more and more digital publishing solutions like those from imgZine evolve, digital publishing technology is developing toward a commodity. In this situation, publishers can focus the creation, coordination and delivery of the best content and general experience to their readers. As the technology alone does not make the difference anymore, the platform needs to deliver value to the publishers by enabling them to analyze content and discover knowledge about their readers and the readers’ behavior. As the publishing technology evolves, it also becomes more complex, as will the questions of publishers. imgZine thus needs to deliver the best general experience and tools with their platform in order to stay competitive in the future. The question rises how the publishers can best be facilitated while using this analysis. At imgZine a new analytics dashboard for publishers is being developed to disclose the content and reading behavior data analysis technologies developed. It is important to facilitate publishers in knowledge discovery, while not overwhelming them. In this research, better suited ways of visualizing are explored by developing novel and adapted visualizations. In a design science study, five artifacts for Information Visualizations of Big Data are developed and evaluated with publishers. Of these five, three artifacts focus on insight in reading behavior/usage patterns on different levels and two focus on insight in content published and consumed. One is designed into a completely functional prototype. Based on our design and evaluation, three main conclusions are drawn: First, it is found that the detail of information publishers want to have access to, is highly diverse, but reaches from basic statistics to very detailed reading behavior information. This spans the complete tasks of visualizations of Shneiderman (1996). Second, each of these levels need their own relevant visualizations to maintain the overview by the publishers. The three reading behavior artifacts (Enriched View Trail, Functional User Flows and Swipe Patterns) can be integrated to achieve this for reading behavior. Third, visualizations that resemble the end-user product clearly, received well understanding among publishers. It is foreseen that the distinction between Information and Metaphor Visualizations (Lengler & Eppler, 2007) will blurry, as more data abstractions are added. It is expected that more new and for a specific purpose designed visualizations are likely to evolve in the future.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Business Information Technology MSc (60025)
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