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De impact van slachtoffer-daderbemiddeling op het leven van de dader

Top, B. (2013) De impact van slachtoffer-daderbemiddeling op het leven van de dader.

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Abstract:The foundation ‘Slachtoffer in Beeld’ (Victim in Focus) facilitates victim-offender mediation in the Netherlands. Conversations between victims and offenders can be face-to-face, through letters or through a pendulum. It is also possible to have a conversation between victim and offender with other people, like their relatives and therapists, present. The present study focused on the impact of victim-offender mediation on offenders. This is an important study because there is not much known about the psychological impact of this type of mediation on offenders. To investigate this impact, the reports of the mediators are used. On the basis of 90 of these reports, several impact items are coded. Half of these reports are also coded by a second assessor. Only the items where the inter-rater reliability was high enough are used in the analysis. These analyses show that victim-offender mediation has a great impact on the offender. The offender feels more sympathy for the victim, more relief and more shame. Also he/she takes more responsibility for the crime. This is the case in both direct and indirect mediation. During mediation a rehabilitation process between victim and offender commences and they get some kind of an agreement. This is mainly the case with direct mediation. Direct mediation leads to positive outcomes in the relation between victim and offender. The personal impact on the offender is both positive in direct mediation as in indirect mediation. What happens during mediation is rated to the impact on the offender. Because of these findings, it is plausible that the effect of mediation is not just because of the application at ‘Slachtoffer in Beeld’. Some of the impact items are predictors of less recidivism. Because of the increase in these items, it is plausible that recidivism decreases after victim-offender mediation. Suggestions for future studies are made in the discussion.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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