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Heavy particles in a cylindrical rotating flow

Molen, J. van der (2012) Heavy particles in a cylindrical rotating flow.

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Abstract:The behavior of heavy particles in solid body rotating flow is studied experimentally with a reynolds number varying between 1150 and 1500. The results are compared to a theoretical model of this system. The surprising findings of this study are that a small sized particle with a density of 1.05 g · cm−3 is suspended in the solid body rotating flow, and that the spin of the particle is small. Earlier work of Van Nierop [13] and Glyn et al. [9] show that a particle which is denser than water has an unstable equilibrium point in the solid body rotation flow, which is however studied without taking the force induced by the wall into account. In this study we include a wall force as is described in the work of Takemura and Magnaudet [12] and Zeng et al. [18]. The new model shows agreement with the experimental results and the results suggest that there exists an equilibrium point for small fdrum (0.07 Hz). In addition, it suggests that there exists a limit cycle above this frequency. Using the model the magnitudes of the dimensionless lift and drag coefficient are estimated by the use of this model. Finally we argue that the reason for the non-rotating behavior of the particle could be caused by an inhomogenouos density distribution in the particle(small holes in the particle), by a slow reacting spin of the particle to the vorticity, or by a symmetric wake.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:TNW: Science and Technology
Subject:33 physics
Programme:Applied Physics BSc (56962)
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