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De invloed van e-health webportalen op de tevredenheid over zorg bij patienten met een chronische aandoening : een sysematic review

Camara, A. (2014) De invloed van e-health webportalen op de tevredenheid over zorg bij patienten met een chronische aandoening : een sysematic review.

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Abstract:The healthcare system of almost all industrialized countries has improved during the last decades which results in lengthen life expectancy. But from this circumstances arises an increasing number of patients with a chronic disease. The e-health system was developed as a cost-effective response to this problem. Though there are still several issues with e-health and the superiority of web-based interventions against non-web-based interventions has not been proven, either. In this thesis the question is examined how satisfied e-health users are with the offered care. In order to answer this question a systematic review was performed. Different search terms were insert into four different bibliographical databases which results in 3761 articles at the beginning. At basis of these titles the number of articles could be reduced to 749. By the selection of abstracts the number of articles was reduced to 118 once again. At the end of this process there were 10 articles which were screened on full-text. Additionally to this full-text screening an efficacy analysis with regard to satisfaction of the users was performed. 7 interventions are considered as effectively leading to satisfaction, 3 interventions rank as not effective. The analyses of satisfaction shows that especially the interventions with features like ‘logistic’, ‘practicing’ en ‘drawing up aims’ are considered as satisfying. Moreover there is an increased appearance of the features ‘education’ and ‘monitoring’ in interventions which are not effective with regard to satisfaction of users. Users named further ‘information with directly appearing feedback’, ‘a good communication with the nurse’ and ‘intense exercises’ as causes of satisfaction with the intervention The analysis proofed that the typically user of web-based interventions is satisfied with the offered care, but it was also obvious that this degree of satisfaction is overrated. Methodological failures and differences in quality of the interventions affect the results. Users are not satisfied with every part of the interventions either. Also were certain features estimated as more satisfying than others. It is advisable that there is further research within this topic to get an overview of the satisfaction of e-health user and factors that influence this satisfaction. Thereby, one important question is why certain features were perceived as more satisfying than others and how these features influence satisfaction.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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