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Gezamenlijke beeldvorming bij burgerinitiatieven

Disberg, W.M. (2014) Gezamenlijke beeldvorming bij burgerinitiatieven.

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Abstract:The Dutch society is in undergoing a transition from a welfare state to a participation society. Due to this transition the participation of citizens will get more and more attention. The participation of citizens starts with initiatives for their neighborhood and collaboration with the municipality (co-production). However, this does not always run smoothly. In this study the main focus is on the communal perception of various stakeholders - citizens, municipality, commissions - which are involved in the citizen initiative, and examines the role of perspectives . The main question of this research is: 'To what extent is the communal perception of stakeholders necessary for the success of a citizens initiative?’ Insight into the perception of the stakeholders is given through narrative interviews . This communal perception has been assessed on the basis of perspectives (frames). Next is examined to what extent these perspectives are different of similar. In addition, also the influence of the cooperation process in the common imaging are mapped. This study resulted in two important conclusions. The first conclusion states that the perspectives related to specific stakeholders change in the cooperation process . Secondly, it appears that the stereotyping of stakeholders in general remains. When looked at the cooperation process it shows that this process has an influence on the formation of specific perspectives of stakeholders. Prior to the cooperation process showed that cooperation is based on a shared problem. To start the cooperation is not necessary that shared image consists of stakeholders relative to each other. However, the more these images correspond to each other, and they are shared, the better the cooperation works. It can be concluded that the common perception of stakeholders, both at the problem, and each other, is necessary to succeed the citizen initiative.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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