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De ontwikkeling van een arrangeeromgeving ter bevordering van de ontwerpvaardigheden van docenten.

Peuscher, Alexander H. (2014) De ontwikkeling van een arrangeeromgeving ter bevordering van de ontwerpvaardigheden van docenten.

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Abstract:In secondary education, the design skills of teachers are increasingly appealed. To translate educational goals into school context, teachers can adopt the role as a designer. When teachers have this role they can be (actively) involved in shaping their own education. Teachers usually design based on practical experience, so the design quality can vary per teacher. To ensure the quality of self-designed learning materials, teachers should design in a more systematic way, including important (educational) design steps such as evaluation. This design study is focussed on the question how teachers can arrange educational materials by themselfes in an online environment and how this could be effective. The arrangement of learning materials concerns rationally select, combine and exit excisting and/or self-developed learning materials for educational purposes (Huizinga, et al., 2011; Strijker, 2010). The study consisted of three substudies which involved the design of three prototypes. The first substudy consisted of a theoretical framework for the design of a systematic design approach specifically designed for teachers. In this design the existing design methods by teachers were combined with important educational design steps. In this substudy a large group of teachers (N=385) participated in an online survey in order to analyse the most important properties of the target group. The main findings were that a systematic design approach should consist of consecutive design steps, tailored to the practical operation of the teacher and that teachers are demanding support for design skills. Based on the results from this substudy, a first prototype of an ‘Online Arranging Environment’ was designed. The prototype was designed as wireframes, which provide an overview of features and behavior of the interface. In the second substudy the first prototype was tested, which involved research on a concrete implementation of the designed systematic design approach in an supporting interface. Through a usability test (N=5) and a walkthrough (N=4) the prototype was evaluated by the target audience. The main findings were that the interface elements of the different design steps needed to be improved significantly. Mainly in the evaluation phase, it appeared that is was unclear what was expected of the teacher. In the third substudy the supporting components of the prototype were designed. The second prototype was also evaluated by the target audience using a walkthrough (N=10). The main findings were that the systematic design approach offered in the prototype seemed to be connected to a approach the respondents would like to work with in the online environment. Majority of the respondents (n=7) was found to have a tool that can provide guidance in the design process. Based on the results from this substudy a final prototype was designed. The entire study has provided insight into the usability of an Online Arranging Environment. In general terms it can be concluded that an online environment that allows teachers to follow a systematic approach and support in the arranging process, meets the need for an environment to arrange learning materials. Based on the sub-studies, six design principles could be defined: (a) it is important to have a systematic design approached tailored to the practical operation of teachers, (b) it is important to provide support in a way of providing guidance and (c) practical exercise, (d) the environment should be usable by experienced and less experienced users, (e) tools to make the design steps easier should be part of the online environment, and (f) the overall process should be devided in separate tasks in a wizard.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:81 education, teaching
Programme:Educational Science and Technology MSc (60023)
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