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The relation between Health and Wellbeing

Stegeman, M.A. (2014) The relation between Health and Wellbeing.

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Abstract:This study examined health measures and wellbeing. Aim of the study was to examine the relation between different forms of physical health, knowing the diagnosed condition, self-rated health, health limitations, care consumption and life style, and emotional, social and psychological wellbeing. The study draws on data of a representative panel (Longitudinal Internet Studies for the Social Sciences of CentERdata). 1599 Dutch adults (ages 18-87) filled out the MHC-SF, a health questionnaire and a social integration and leisure questionnaire. The study used ANOVA, correlation, and regression analysis. The results indicate that there was a negative correlation between physical health and wellbeing. The correlation between the health measures and emotional wellbeing was the largest. Except for life style, emotional wellbeing had the highest coherence with the health measures. The largest differences of means within the different forms of wellbeing were found in the self-rated health. This means that the differences in emotional wellbeing are the largest within the self-rated health, compared to the other health measures, thus between a bad and an excellent self-rated health. The results of the regression analysis showed the same, self-rated health independently adds significantly to all forms of wellbeing. This is the only measure of health that added significantly to all forms of wellbeing, whereas health limitations added significantly to only emotional wellbeing, and lifestyle to social wellbeing. This showed that self-rated health is the most important health measure related to the different forms of wellbeing. In conclusion, emotional wellbeing has shown to be the most important form of wellbeing and self-rated health is the health measure with the highest correlation. However, the other forms of wellbeing should be considered as well in future research, as they were found to be significantly correlated as well to the different health measures.
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Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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