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Project Cyligros

Sönmez, Gökhan (2014) Project Cyligros.

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Abstract:This project is about the creation of a plastic bag dispenser. The goal is to create an ecofriendlier future by reducing the waste and costs due to the overly excessive use of plastic bags. Customers tend to take more of these bags in the markets than really is needed and are then left with a surplus of these bags. These eventually end up in either the bin or outside in the environment. This goal has been tried to achieve by creating a fully mechanical dispenser which allows the user to take out a single plastic whilst at the same time discouraging the user to take out a second one. The dispenser will be presented to a large retailer in Turkey and, if succesful, taken to production. To create this dispenser an analysis has been done on the retailer, its background and surroundings. After that a look has been taken into the market of comparative products to come up with strong positive aspects to include in the new dispenser. The analysis has been concluded with a design brief. The requirements in this design brief are then used to start generating ideas. The idea generation ends with three concepts, from which one has been chosen to be further developed. After making the concept choice the concept has been optimized and further detailled. This chapter ends with a complete dispenser. After that a prototype of the dispenser will be realized to see if and how it works. Eventual issues that come up during the try-out will be stated and solved before moving on to the mass product. In the chapter of mass-product the new (improved) parts will be defined. After that the reader will shortly be enlightened on the materials that have been chosen to manufacture the components from and also how these parts can be produced or whether they will be bought. The chapter will be closed with an explanation of the way in which the components are assembled together. As last the paper will be closed with a short evaluation. The whole project will be reflected upon and the resulting dispenser will be criticized. Besides this paper there is also an appendix which contains some data regarding dimenions. In the text the reader will be referred to the specific parts of the appendix.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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