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Hide and sneak - Perceptions in The Virtual Storyteller

Brinke, Hans ten (2014) Hide and sneak - Perceptions in The Virtual Storyteller.

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Abstract:The Virtual Storyteller is a multi-agent system that can generate stories. It does this by simulating the actions of autonomous characters in a virtual storyworld. The characters can select goals that have been provided by a storyworld author and will plan actions to achieve those goals. My work on the Virtual Storyteller aims to make the characters more believable by limiting their perceptions to what they should realistically be able to see. This thesis describes a set of visibility rules that the character agent applies to incoming perceptions. The agent still keeps a complete and accurate version of the storyworld in memory which the agent can use on an actor level. The character however uses an incomplete and possibly incorrect version of the storyworld to make plans. To help the character make plans in case it does not have all the required knowledge available in-character, an assumption operator is introduced. This allows the character to make assumptions about the location of objects to prevent it from deciding that a goal is no longer achievable. Using these assumptions, the character can search for objects in the storyworld. Whenever a character has to decide where to look for an object, there is an ideal opportunity for the actor to alter the character’s course without sacrificing believability. A second implementation of the assumptions makes use of this opportunity by guiding the characters towards conflict in the first half of the story and towards a resolution in the second half. Using this technique ensures that a conflict will almost always be played out, regardless of the starting locations of characters and objects in the storyworld.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject:54 computer science
Programme:Interaction Technology MSc (60030)
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