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Flourishing in the Now: Creation and initial Validation of a Present-Eudaimonic Time Perspective Scale

Vowinckel, J.C. (2014) Flourishing in the Now: Creation and initial Validation of a Present-Eudaimonic Time Perspective Scale.

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Abstract:INTRODUCTION: Despite increasing attention for Time Perspective (TP) research and its theoretical and philosophical implications, no operationalization of a present-positive time perspective scale has been conducted yet. The present, as the only time-zone, which we experience directly as well as permanently, can be assumed to be at least as relevant as past and future concerning subjective well-being and the operationalization of a Balanced Time Perspective (BTP). The present-directed concepts of Mindfulness and Flow, both essential elements of positive psychology, and intrinsically linked to mental well-being were analysed and combined to conceptualize the Present-Eudaimonic time perspective scale (PE), which will complete the Balanced Time Perspective Scale (BTPS) by supplementing a present-factor. METHOD: 130 participants filled in a pre-version of PE, the BTPS (TP), the ZTPI (TP), the FFMQ-SF (mindfulness), the SFPQ (flow-propensity), the MHC-SF (mental health/MH) and a social desirability instrument. BTP was operationalized using the Deviation from Balanced Time Perspective (DBTP) coefficient. RESULTS: The final PE scale showed good psychometric properties including internal consistency (α = .88), factor structure of PE and the new BTPS, and concurrent validity (significant correlations with mindfulness [r=.51], flow-propensity [r=.46] and present-hedonistic [r=.38]). PE explained an additional 12,4 percent of variance in MH beyond the other time perspective scales. The DBTP of the BTPS significantly correlated stronger with MH (r=-.59) than the DBTP of the ZTPI (r=-.42) (ZH=2.06, p=0.039). CONCLUSIONS: The creation of a present-positive time perspective scale fills a great gap in the assessment of TP; the new BTPS is a promising alternative operationalization of BTP.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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