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Measuring the quality of a work schedule - Guidelines to develop a tool to evaluate work schedules

Aitink, C.M.J. (2014) Measuring the quality of a work schedule - Guidelines to develop a tool to evaluate work schedules.

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Abstract:The present research is commissioned by Integral. Integral is a Dutch software company that develops employee scheduling software. The goal of this research is to formulate guidelines that can be used to develop a tool that will be able to evaluate work schedules. The guidelines are presented as a list of criteria. The content of the criteria is determined through a literature study and interviews. The interviews are held with scientific experts (n=5) and practitioners (n=5). They are asked about what they thought were important aspects when evaluating a work schedule. Further questions were about the relative importance of these aspects. Regarding to the relative important of the different aspects, there was no general view. Therefore it is concluded that the importance can vary between organizations. The first design of the guidelines is tested through a pilot study. In this pilot study, work schedules of three organizations were evaluated with the help of organizations that use the scheduling software of Integral: Checks. After the pilot study, a few minor changes were made to the design. The result of the present research is a set of guidelines to develop a tool to evaluate work schedules. The criteria listed are divided between six different categories: work-life balance, flexibility, health, legal regulations, predictability and finance. The evaluation of work schedules can be performed while looking from three different perspectives: the employee perspective, the organizational perspective and the customer perspective. To be able to use this tool, organizations have to follow three steps. Step 1: select criteria, step 2: give standards to criteria, step 3: weight criteria and categories. Recommended is that the guidelines presented in the present research first have to be validated. Also, the scheduling program of Integral, Checks, has to be adapted if Integral intends to develop and integrate a tool using the guidelines presented here. There is some output that cannot be extracted from the schedules with the use of Checks, but which is needed to be able to get a valid evaluation.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Business Administration MSc (60644)
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