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Het productierijp maken van een prototype van een kiosk voor het invullen van een elektronische medische vragenlijst voor donors

Baas, V.J.N. (2014) Het productierijp maken van een prototype van een kiosk voor het invullen van een elektronische medische vragenlijst voor donors.

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Abstract:Sanquin Blood Supply has requested the design of a kiosk to be used in the proces of identifying and screening donors. Blood donors should be able to use this kiosk to answer a medical questionnaire on the built-in touchscreen, measure their blood pressure and heart rate and identify themselves using biometric features. Tim Mulder has made a concept design for this kiosk late 2013. The goal of this assignment is to make a redesign of the kiosk and work out the details needed for production. First, an analysis of the concept has been made to determine points which needed to be improved and to find out which changes were necessary to integrate the hardware. Resulting problems were the design for the kiosk being unfit for use in mobile donor centres, the instability of the prototype, the lack of privacy and the discomfort experienced by donors while using the fingerprint reader. Also proper equipment for the blood pressure monitoring needs to be found, hardware has to be easily replaceable, power supply of the kiosk needs to be designed and a solution for switching hardware on and off has to be created. During the design process stability for the kiosk for permanent donor centers has been improved and solutions to integrate, power and replace the hardware have been found. A flexible design solution has been made to facilitate implementation of blood pressure and heart rate monitoring in the near future. For mobile donor centers a tabletop version of the kiosk has been designed. This design still offers the same functions as the kiosk for ordinary locations, but in a much more robust and compact package. The design matches the original design and the design guidelines set by Sanquin. Details for both designs have been worked out into a production model of the kiosk. Finally, specifications for the production of the design were made. Sanquin can use these specifications to select a manufacturer for both the regular and mobile kiosk. Recommendations for the design of the blood pressure monitor, further testing of the design and implementation of the kiosk conclude this report.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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