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Forms of feminist movement in Europe and China : comparative study in cross-cultural and political perspective

Yihan, Huang (2014) Forms of feminist movement in Europe and China : comparative study in cross-cultural and political perspective.

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Abstract:This article concerns on comparing and contrasting the similarities and differences of feminist movement forms between Europe and China, and tries to understand the differences from a cultural and political view. For reaching this goal, the movement ‗form‘ is limited to three dimensions: movement mobilization, strategy and tactics and influences, which are described within the time-dimension of three periods in Europe (Feminism of First Wave, Second Wave and Third Wave) and China (Feminism of May Fourth Era, Maoist Era and Deng‘s Era). Through the reviewing of feminist movement forms of each period, the differences are found in the mobilized class, the nature of women‘s claim, the level of activity and the adopted tactics. The paper argues that the different political cultural mainly affected the independence of feminist movement, and triggered by this point many differences of mobilization developed (e.g. mobilized class of women, claiming contents, tactics). Furthermore, on the other hand, the different women‘s expressions in movements are mostly attributed to the distinct cultural traditions. The individualism and Confucianism are the two central explanatory factors that lying behind many causes that lead the different expressing ways, for instance, the different attitudes toward gender relations, the individualistic or collectivist interests pursuits, the radical or moderate character of protesters and so forth.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:88 social and public administration
Programme:European Studies BSc (56627)
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