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Summative evaluation of the antibiotic information App

Hartgerink, D.M. (2014) Summative evaluation of the antibiotic information App.

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Abstract:Nurses have important tasks regarding medication and antibiotics. Physicians prescribe the medication, but nurses need to give the correct dosage. They are close to the patient and are the first to notice differences in a patients status. Nurses receive a lot of information from many different devices, including a lot of information that has to do with Antibiotic Stewardship. Antibiotic Stewardship programs try to optimize the use of antibiotics in order to control antibiotic resistance, which is caused by wrong or careless use of antibiotics. All this information could lead to a cognitive overload for nurses, and integrated information could be a solution. Therefore, an antibiotic information app was designed for nurses, to help them with their information needs. This research tested whether the app was effective and supportive for nurses. Nurses needed to solve three scenarios with or without the app. The scenarios contained situations and questions that could arise during their job. There were three conditions, a baseline measurement without the app, and two post-measurements 8 months after the first measurement, one post-measurement with and one post-measurement without the app. During these months, the app was available for all nurses. The expectation was that the effectiveness of the app was positively evaluated and that it would be easier for nurses to find information with than without the antibiotic app. The results of this research were not conclusive. It was ambiguous whether nurses did found more correct solutions, but it seemed to be that nurses were more satisfied with the app than with the other resources. It was not clear whether the app supported nurses to find the solution in less time, nor whether the app contributed to Antibiotic Stewardship, which meant that further research was needed.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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