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Mindful exposure: eerste bevindingen & theorie

Kleissen, Y.M. (2014) Mindful exposure: eerste bevindingen & theorie.

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Abstract:The present study examines experiences of therapists experienced in mindfulness meditation (n = 6) while subjected to Mindful Exposure. Mindful Exposure is a therapist-led intervention in which clients evoke a painful memory and then direct the attention to bodily sensations. The intervention is used in treatment of traumarelated problems. This study has two main aims. The first aim was to examine the effectiveness of Mindfulness exposure in reducing vividness and emotionality of painful memories. The second aim was to explore patterns in experiences during Mindful exposure. For this aim, semi-structured interviews were conducted. In the present sample, vividness and emotionality of the memory decrease significantly. From the interview data, a preliminary theory emerged on the working mechanism of Mindful exposure. The theory’s main proposition is that in Mindful exposure, reduction in emotionality and change of meaning follows from allowing of experiences. Allowing shows to have three facets: approaching, letting happen whatever happens, and staying with it. In addition, Mindful exposure can bring about change in feelings about the self, insight in own emotional responding and insight in processes of emotion regulation. The present reduction in emotionality is substantial and seems comparable to what is observed in a single session EMDR. Potential benefits of Mindful Exposure above other treatments for traumarelated problems are discussed. The discovered theory is related to recent conceptualisations of experiential avoidance as a maintaining factor in traumarelated problems. The method used to explore patterns in experiences is based on grounded theory. It enabled collecting detailed information about what behaviour leads to what effect, and about factors that influence this behaviour. Therefore, certain elements from this design may be considered for future intervention research.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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