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De effecten van reminiscentietherapie op somberheidsklachten, eenzaamheid en welbevinden : dierbare herinneringen

Spenkelink, K. (2014) De effecten van reminiscentietherapie op somberheidsklachten, eenzaamheid en welbevinden : dierbare herinneringen.

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Abstract:Intro Positive psychology is a form of psychology that emphasizes on the subject’s wellbeing instead of a psychopathological approach. An example of such an approach is reminiscence therapy that could have a positive effect on a person’s wellbeing by recollecting memories. Researchers from the Universiteit Twente have developed an intervention method, based on reminiscence. This intervention – named ‘Precious Memories’ – is meant for persons who are older than 65 years living in nursing homes. The goal is to increase their general wellbeing. ‘Precious Memories’ is also used to reduce gloom and loneliness. These two problems occur a lot among the elderly. Both of these are described as risk factors which can lead to a major depression. Method: The participants are recruited in nursing homes in the east and north of the Netherlands. During the first moment of measuring (t2), tests for gloom, loneliness and wellbeing were conducted. Then the participants were divided randomly into an intervention group or a control group. Both groups received contact moments with volunteers. The volunteers had five moments of contact with the participants for thee quarters each time, in a time schedule of eight weeks. After the five meetings, there was another measuring moment (t1). In total twenty-five participants participated in measuring moment t0 and t1. Results: Multiple analyses with paired t-tests showed that gloom was significantly reduced in general and in the control group. Loneliness didn’t decrease and wellbeing didn’t increase. Analyses with ANCOVA-tests showed that there wasn’t a significant difference between t0 and t1 in both groups. This was the case for gloom, loneliness and wellbeing. Discussion: This research indicates that contact with a volunteer can decrease gloom among the elderly. It also shows the importance of future research for practical ways to reduce gloom and loneliness while increasing one’s wellbeing. Maybe the employees of the nursing homes can cooperate in recruitment in future research.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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