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Internetbehandeling voor probleemdrinkers : lange termijn evaluatie internetbehandeling

Vos, M.A. (2014) Internetbehandeling voor probleemdrinkers : lange termijn evaluatie internetbehandeling

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Abstract:Background: Research shows effectiveness in short-term view of Internet treatment for alcohol problems, however, there is little research available of long-term effects more than 12 months. Purpose: Evaluation of the long-term effects of web-based treatment (, to increase the scientific knowledge in the field of web-based treatment for alcohol problems. Method: Respondents (n=195) are ex participants of the web-based treatment (AdB) in the period 2009-2011. Online questionnaire was used and supplemented with 12 telephone interviews. Measurement points (intake, post-test and follow-up) were compared by repeated measurements ANOVA. T-tests were performed to measure the differences between the groups completers (Part 1 and 2 of treatment completed n = 154) and dropouts (Part 1 and 2 not fully completed n = 41). The primary outcome measure was alcohol consumption and the secondary outcome measure health. The qualitative data is analyzed by using analysis of labels. Results: The weekly alcohol consumption, long-term follow-up (M=16.12) was significantly better than at the start of treatment (M=34.87), however, it is slightly increased compared to after completion of treatment (M=10.29), (F (41.82), P <0.05). The physical symptoms of the former participants are better on long-term comparing with baseline and after completion. Significant differences were found between completers and dropouts. Weekly alcohol consumption of completers is lower and health is better than dropouts. There is no significance differences between the groups found on quality of life. Conclusion: This study showed that web-based treatment AdB besides short term also is effective in the long run, 2 to 5 years after participating, in alcohol consumption and health. Completers have better long-term effects on alcohol consumption and health than dropouts. Ex-participants have generally positive experience in the treatment and have benefited from the treatment in the long term. The results may be relevant to practical scientific knowledge and suggestions may possibly contribute to improvements for internet treatments.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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