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Implementation of a Monocular Structured Light Vision System for Pipe Inspection Robot PIRATE

Reiling, Mark (2014) Implementation of a Monocular Structured Light Vision System for Pipe Inspection Robot PIRATE.

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Abstract:The aim of the Pipe Inspection Robot for Autonomous Exploration (PIRATE) project is to develop an autonomous robot platform for in-pipe inspection of small diameter, low pressure (urban) gas distribution mains. In order to assess the quality of the pipe detailed information on condition of the network and accurate location of deformation of the pipes, bends, dents and other sources for stress on the pipe wall is needed. Quantitative information on current network diameter and consistency is necessary for (autonomous) navigation of the robot through the pipes. This thesis describes the development of a prototype compact structured light sensor which is capable of measuring inner pipe geometry. The presented arrangement of projector and image sensor for optical triangulation optimizes sensitivity within available space. Moreover, this arrangement gives the camera an unobstructed view. The designed system utilizes a laser and diffractive optical element to project a fixed pattern on the surface of the pipe. A circular light pattern is chosen to simplify the detection and extraction of the required features to reconstruct the pipe’s inner surface. Processing algorithms to extract the features are optimized for low computational load.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject:50 technical science in general, 52 mechanical engineering, 53 electrotechnology, 54 computer science
Programme:Mechatronics MSc (60027)
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