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Subjectieve gezondheidsbeleving van reumatoïde artritis patiënten

Nieuwenhuis, F.F. (2014) Subjectieve gezondheidsbeleving van reumatoïde artritis patiënten.

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Abstract:Rheumatoid Artistes (RA) is a chronic disease that affects joints, sinews and muscles. The disease is nowadays more treatable and treatment can lead to the point where are few if any symptoms present. This is called remission, however to get this label RA patients need rate their own health above a certain level. Many treaded patients do not rate their health sufficient in order to speak of remission and it is unclear on why. The purpose of this study is to gain insight into which factors influence RA patients in their own judgment of their own (general) health. In addition we look how the formulation of health related questions influence the answers given. To study this we must gain insight in what constitute health for the RA patients and how they interpret health related questions. To answer these questions a qualitative study is used with a questionnaire with questions regarding health. The participants with RA (n=12) were asked to answer the questions aloud to gain insight in their judgment of their health and what kind of answer come out of the different questions about health. All interviews are taped, transcribed and analyzed to identify recurring themes. The interviews showed that a lot of participants do not deem absence of symptoms, physical, mental and/or social wellbeing as most important aspect to their health. But that the impact that (rheumatic) symptoms cause in their lives has a big influence is on how they rate their health. When participants have fewer complaints, they can spend more time and on pleasurable activities, function better in their environment and suffer fewer limitations in their daily lives. They will keep some limitations, but how they handle the adaptations and limitations is of influence on how much impact it will have on their lives. Acceptance of the fact that things will not be the same anymore, setting a new standard, enjoying and resetting perspectives are important and effective coping strategies that are used to handle remaining symptoms. The formulation of the questions has influence on what kind of health definition you get as an answer. When there is specifically asked about rheumatic health, you get an answer with regard to only that aspect. Generally phrased health questions sometimes get a general answer and other times get a specif answer where interviewee makes the distinction between rheumatic health and ‘other’ health. So when doctors want to know about rheumatic health specifically they have to ask for it explicitly, because not everybody will make a distinction automatically between general health and rheumatic health. Additional research, with a larger sample, is necessary to confirm the findings of this study, to refine the results of this study and to see if there is a hierarchic ordering present. When doctors know more about how rheumatic patients rate their own health, they can understand the patients better and give better care.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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