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Why does the general taxpayer bear the external costs of sports events? An examination of the case of German football

Höfer, Dennis (2014) Why does the general taxpayer bear the external costs of sports events? An examination of the case of German football.

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Abstract:In many industries, external costs incur that are not borne by the actual perpetrators but by the society as a whole. In the area of sports, external costs can incur as well. In the beginning of each football season and just before the so called “high-security matches”, the discussion about violence in and around football stadiums and the associated huge costs incurred by police operations and borne by the taxpayers is starting again and again. In this study, the argumentation of the defenders of the status quo that do not want the status quo to be changed with the consequence that the clubs would have to bear the costs incurred by organising their football matches will be presented and evaluated in terms of convincement and with regard to whether the status quo is still justified. Apart from controversial data about the amount of expenses being incurred by policing football matches, the proponents of the status quo urge many arguments that shall both prove football’s huge social importance and illustrate legal reservations referring to cost sharing. The discussion as a whole is gridlocked so that a definite solution made by the legislator would be desirable. The thesis will not only present the argumentations about, among others, social benefits and costs of football and give an assessment referring the current legal regulations but it will also recommend elements that a potential future cost sharing rule as a consensus model should contain and consider in the case of politicians deciding to oblige the professional clubs to share the policing costs.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:70 social sciences in general
Programme:Management Society and Technology BSc (56654)
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