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The Influence of Flexpool Design and Management in the Health Care Sector on Employee Behavior and Organizational Flexibility

Lauterbach, Lena Alexandra (2014) The Influence of Flexpool Design and Management in the Health Care Sector on Employee Behavior and Organizational Flexibility.

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Abstract:Within health care organizations flexpools are a commonly used concept to reply to the growing need of flexibility and, at the same time flexpools serve as a means to reduce costs that primarily occur due to the employment of external agencies workers. This research paper deals with the impact that the design and management of flexpools within the health care sector, with special focus on the employees’ motivation and commitment and the organization’s ability to meet demand and supply fluctuations. There is neither any research about flexpool design and management nor about research about flexpool workers on scientific literature available, despite the fact that organizational flexibility and new means and ways of employee flexibility play an increasing role especially for the health care sector. This research is conducted by making use of theories and approaches from scientific literature and interviews with health care institutions. The widely applied HR architecture model by Lepak and Snell and the core-periphery model by Atkinson are both considered as suitable to implement into the theoretical framework of this research. The results however, deviate from the assumptions made in the theory as the concept of the flexpool differs from the concept of external labor flexibility given the internal employment of flexpool workers. Further, it is suggested that flexpools need to be designed according to the degree of flexibility and environmental predictability, especially in terms of clients’ demands. It is highly important to embed an organizational wide understanding of how important and valuable the flexpool and its workers, involving the participation in the ILM. Moreover, the external environment, especially the political and legal environment has a large impact on the management and design of flexpools and health care institutions in general. Organizations are increasingly required to respond precautious by making sure measures to retain and recruit high-qualified personnel. The low sample size lowers the validity and reliability of the findings. Yet, the research is able to identify the most important aspects that influence the management and design of flexpools and points out further research areas and the relevance of this research topic.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:International Business Administration BSc (50952)
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