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Ontwerp van een multifunctionele winkelverpakking voor het kinderspeelgoed qoboqob

Rouwenhorst, Maartje (2014) Ontwerp van een multifunctionele winkelverpakking voor het kinderspeelgoed qoboqob.

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Abstract:The goal of this assignment for the bachelor thesis was to design three detailed concepts for a multifunctional retail packaging for a toy called “the qoboqob” for children from 6 to 12 years. The multifunctional packaging contains four functions: - Communicating the possible usability - Storing the qoboqob at home - Allowing portability, for example to school - Adding a play element/aspect. The qoboqob is a colored disk of technical rubber TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer) which you can bounce, throw, roll, slide and more. With this product Qoboqob B.V. aims to enable more children to move, play outside and improve their locomotion. Besides the regular qoboqob, which is already in the stores, a sport line is being brought on the market. This is an adjusted qoboqob (particular for the sport) and a portable basket. Additionally, Qoboqob B.V. has the ambition to develop a glow-in-the-dark version of the qoboqob. The three concepts have been developed in several phases. In the first phase, the analysis phase, the target group and possible competition on the market were investigated. Additionally , the product, its environment, the new packaging and the use of the qoboqob were researched. This phase is concluded with a scenario and a program of demands, which displays all the important demands which the new packaging has to meet. During the second phase the ideas were generated. This started with sketched ideas. Some of these ideas are chosen to elaborate as concept. The previously mentioned main functions were leading in this phase. The ideas who are elaborated as concept are chosen by Qoboqob B.V. based on several criteria like price, originality and manufacturability. In the concept phase of the design process several ideas were elaborated. There are five ideas which have been refined to concepts. All the positive and negative aspects of the concepts have been taken into account by Qoboqob B.V. when they chose three concepts to develop to final (detailed) concepts. They chose three concepts, instead of one, because they found it hard to determine which concept would be optimal for the current market. Besides, they could use the other concepts for two prospected alternative versions of the qoboqob (a sports line and a glow-in-the-dark version). The three chosen concepts were elaborated. Specifically concerning the appearance, colors, material, prices and the information card. The information card is attached to the product and prospected buyers can find the required information on it. This was concluded with a presentation of the final concepts for the packaging and the information card. At the end of the process, after the review with the company, a substantiated advice was given. This advice should make it easier for Qoboqob B.V. to determine which concept should be taken into production. In addition to the review the advice is based on interviews with users (children from 6 to 12) and surveys with buyers (adults). The interviews and surveys have revealed which concept has the preference of the target group. Possible improvements for the chosen concept and the information card have also been noted. Furthermore, the information card and the chosen concept were tested with regard to the program of demands. A final advice is given to Qoboqob B.V. Firstly, the results show that the concept of the pouch is most popular but further investigation is recommended. Interviewing more adults and children is recommended for more reliable results. Also, Qoboqob B.V. can investigate which concept is most optimal to produce. For this, they could look at production costs, feasibility concerning materials, parts and production and the profit margin. Additionally, Qoboqob B.V. could look which concept they think fits best with their product (the qoboqob) concerning appearance, materials, colors etc.
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Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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