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Tekstprojector. Projectielamp voor configureerbare teksten op de muur.

Colijn, Marit (2014) Tekstprojector. Projectielamp voor configureerbare teksten op de muur.

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Abstract:This Bachelor Assignment was conducted on behalf of Melle Koot Ontwerpstudio. The assignments goal was to examine the technical feasibility of a product idea that shows company slogans, texts or other information on the walls. In the analysis phase the client’s requirements were investigated. In addition, the operational environment was explored, to derive requirements. Then, a market research on methods to project text was performed. On basis of five criteria (projecting text, customizable text, low costs, innovative application and feasibility), the five best methods were selected and further investigated. These five methods were combined in a morphological chart. All components in the morphological chart were further researched to obtain additional information of the components. Based on the analysis phase, a set of requirements for the product was drafted. In the concept phase, five concepts were formed, based on the morphological chart. Regarding the set of requirements, concept 2 was chosen as the best concept. Concept 2 consists of a high power LED, a Fresnel lens, an LCD and a normal lens. The LED emits light, which is focused by the Fresnel lens on the LCD. The LCD displays text. This LCD is partially transparent and allows light to pass through the characters on the LCD. This light is projected on the wall through a lens which focuses the beam of light. In the detailing phase, further research has been conducted into the user’s controlling and the required parts. In addition, the further components were specified. Besides this, research has been done into the final cost of the product, to give an estimate of the costs. Finally, a prototype was built, in which the technical operation of the projector could be tested. This prototype demonstrates the usability of the technical principle, but some improvements are still possible here.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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