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Visualization and analysis of vortex propagation from a jet pump

Hart, Koen 't (2014) Visualization and analysis of vortex propagation from a jet pump.

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Abstract:Traveling wave thermoacoustic engines lose efficiency due to Gedeon streaming. If a jet pump is applied to the engine it counteracts the streaming by suppressing the timeaveraged mass flux through the closed loop of the engine. Placing the jet pump inside the engine creates certain flow field effects due to "minor losses".These flow field effects are oscillatory and have not been qualitatively recorded. The set-up used at the University of Twente to create acoustic sound waves allows flow visualization of the flow field generated by the jet pump. A high speed camera records smoke inserted with a smoke wire. Vortices are found in the recorded images, and the purpose of this research is to create an algorithm to trace these vortices as they propagate through the flow field. The algorithm also calculates the speed with which they propagate but this is not the main focus. The created algorithm is analyzed using ROC-curves to determine if the algorithm is beneficial for the detection of vortices. The algorithm needs the input of some variables to allow proper detection, the influence of these variables is documented. There is a relation between the frequency of the acoustic sound wave and the size, speed and propagating distance of vortices. The variables therefore need adjusting for the vortices of higher acoustic sound waves. The development of the algorithm showed the potential of using these algorithms in the analysis of the other flow field effects. Further improvements are needed to make the algorithm more robust for reliable data collection.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Mechanical Engineering BSc (56966)
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