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SrRuO3 growth on DyScO3 using soft-­lithographic patterning and pulsed laser deposition

Deenen, Christian (2014) SrRuO3 growth on DyScO3 using soft-­lithographic patterning and pulsed laser deposition.

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Abstract:In this project SrRuO3 growth on DyScO3 was researched. Using soft elastomeric PDMS stamps a ZnO mask was patterned upon which a SrRuO3 layer was deposited using pulsed laser deposition. The ZnO line pattern was etched away using a 0.01wt% HCl solution. The resulting nanowires were around 6 nm high and conducted electricity over a few hundred micrometer. These nanowires were used to research the homo-­‐ and heteroepitaxial growth mechanics of SrRuO3. When SrRuO3 was deposited on single terminated DyScO3 with no mask, it grew into a thin film with trenches. On top of the ZnO mask the SrRuO3 grew into a rough film, probably due to the different growth directions of the islands. In between the ZnO mask, no consistent growth was found. After the mask was removed, a second and third SrRuO3 layer were deposited to further investigate the growth mechanics. The new SrRuO3 layers grew on the DyScO3 in between the nanowires and in varying degrees on top of the SrRuO3 nanowires. When the second or third layer was grown on a smooth film, the new layer would also grow as a smooth film, and when it was grown on islands the new layer would also grow islands. The growth seemed to continue the growth mechanism of the surface on which it was deposited. The method that was used gave inconsistent results, with many attempts that failed either during the mask production or during the SrRuO3 deposition. Therefore it was impossible to draw firm conclusions about the growth mechanics.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:TNW: Science and Technology
Subject:33 physics
Programme:Applied Physics BSc (56962)
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