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The creation of value-in-use from a multi-actor perspective in the primary care and in POCT's.

Holten, Ernst-Joost Evert van (2014) The creation of value-in-use from a multi-actor perspective in the primary care and in POCT's.

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Abstract:“How can value-in-use be created and sustained from a clustered multi-actor perspective in the medical sector, concerning the POCT concept?” Before it is possible to investigate this research question there is a need for a more comprehensive understanding of the concepts. The first two sub-questions contribute to that. 1. What is value, value-in-use and what drives value? 2. What is a multi-actor perspective and can there be difference in the value-in-use of actors? Besides the theoretical sub-questions there are two empirical questions, which need to be answered before the main research questions can be answered. 3. What is value-in-use generated by POCT and what are the main value-boosters within the network of POCT? 4. How does the relationship between POCT provider and actors look like and how can these contribute in a value-creating network? In order to answer these questions a comprehensive literature review is done using the most important and up-to-date articles available when considering value, value-in-use and value-creating networks. This comprehensive literature review provides answers to the first two theoretical questions. After the literature review a multiple-case study design is used to view this concept in a primary care perspective concerning POCT. This research followed the example of Brown & Eisenhardt (1997) whereby first every POCT method will be considered as a single-case study and later on will be cross-case analyzed. This multiple-case study answers the last two questions of this research. There are a few contributions to be made. First, further knowledge is created on value creation from a network/multi actor perspective in the primary care industry, which so far is largely unexplored. Second, the POCT service concept will benefit from the knowledge created, which helps the JBZ to establish a proper value creation strategy based on the previous concepts.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
The JBZ Hospital
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Business Administration MSc (60644)
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