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Research and design of an effortless way to charge Fluke Scopemeters for instant use

Bos, W.M. (2014) Research and design of an effortless way to charge Fluke Scopemeters for instant use.

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Abstract:Background: Despite the effort Fluke and Benchmark put in developing the Scopemeters, end users are often inconvenienced when their Scopemeters are not charged when they need them. This problem can be tackled by designing a product that requires a minimum amount of human involvement. Ease of use is paramount here. Therefore, Benchmark has been tasked with developing and designing an effortless method for charging Fluke Scopemeters. Approach: The requirements for the new product were easy to convert into concrete criteria. These criteria are met by several possible solutions. The analysis of the outcomes is illustrated in a Goeller Scorecard, a method used to find the best possible solution. Besides, former research on the Voice-of-the-Customer, an analysis of the current way of dealing with the problem by end users, and an analysis of the preferences of the target group offer more insights in the daily use of Scopemeters in practice. Results: An innovative solution was found that satisfies the demands and wishes of the client in the most complete way and takes full advantage of the in-house expertise Benchmark has at its disposal. It consists of a concept for a smart, efficient, and low cost product, that minimizes the involvement of end users. The outcome is an induction platform that can be integrated smoothly into the workflow of end users. Benchmark will be able to pitch this concept to Fluke Corporation. Conclusions: By combining an upcoming technology with the use of the Scopemeter in practice, the induction platform meets all criteria for the demands and wishes of both the involved companies and the end users, thus creating a high quality product that eases the effort for all users.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Benchmark Electronics, Almelo, the Netherlands
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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