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Ben ik een professional? De minor Spirit! en professionele ontwikkeling

Elbers, J.S.M. (2014) Ben ik een professional? De minor Spirit! en professionele ontwikkeling.

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Abstract:Background: This report shows the results of a research towards the contribution of the minor Spirit! on the professional development of a student. The minor Spirit! is a minor at the Saxion in Enschede, with spirituality as its theme. Methods: The research is quantitative as well as qualitative. In total, 53 students, divided over three minor program groups, have filled in three different cases. The answers on the cases were used as data to compose a coding scheme. The groups existed of students (1) at the start of the minor Spirit!; (2) at the start of the minor GGZ and students (3) that already finished the minor Spirit!. In the coding scheme, there were six main-codes proposed that linked to three different professionalisms: (a) technical professionalism; (b) normative professionalism; (c) personal professionalism, and three non-professionalisms: (a) technical non-professionalism; (b) normative non-professionalism; (c) personal non-professionalism. Also, fifteen sub-codings were suggested that were divided among the six professionalisms. Results: The analysis showed that there is no significant difference amongst the three minor groups with respect to the six different professionalisms. However, a significant difference has been found with respect to the sub-codings. Empathy (‘empathie’) and denominate (‘benoemen’) was found more often in students that had finished the minor Spirit! in comparison to the students at the beginning of the minor Spirit! or minor GGZ. Conclusion: The minor Spirit! has contributed to learn how to denominate the situation of the client and to the development of the empathic ability of the student that finished the minor Spirit!. Although no significant differences were found among the three minor groups with respect to the six different professionalisms, a conclusion can be drawn that the minor Spirit! could be stimulating professional development. However, more research is necessary to further evaluate the effectiveness of the different facets of the minor. Keywords Professional development, minor Spirit!, yoga, meditation, narrative writing.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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